Floating Billy Bookcase

Billy Bookcase: It’s Very Affordable!

Those looking for stylish storage for your reading material but lacking funds to buy overpriced booksellers needs look no further than Billy Bookcase. This shelf IKEA brand offers a choice of basic storage for books; however, with some care, you can make this room addition as aesthetic as it is useful.

Use multiple libraries Billy to create a cozy corner of book. Place at least two libraries Billy in corner of a room, positioning them to create a corner full of shelf on which you can slide a chair. You can place a table between them on same corner, shelves or butt against each other. shelves, add a cozy chair and you are ready to read your new comfortable space.

One of main benefits of Billy Bookcase is that it is very affordable, is probably allowing you to use several to create a storage space bigger book. Instead of relying on a library to house all your reading materials, buy enough to fill an entire wall in your space. After placing shelves against wall, add several screws to hold them in place, creating a built-inspired by a fragment of price shelf appearance.

Give your Billy Bookcase a more eclectic and interesting look adding ornaments to their shelves. Instead of simply placing random odds and ends around platform, place thematically. For example, if you have a shelf filled with books all ancient science of University; place your old rocket toy or vintage microscope in this shelf, making these accents to contents of shelf holds books.