Built In Bookshelves Style Storages

Built in bookshelves – provide attractive, efficient and space-saving storage. These shelves can be built directly into a wall when either a building is constructed or they can be attached to an existing wall with brackets. As these shelves can be constructed in several different ways, you are sure to find a look and feel that meets your style and storage needs.

Often used in libraries, these built in bookshelves conduct a scientific air to any room in your home a den, an office or even a bedroom. In keeping with the theme library, use shelves that are made of wood, such as oak or cherry. Lean a ladder attached to the bottom of the shelf to allow easy access to the items stored in the top wheels. Spotlights and recessed lighting installed above the shelves not only allow you to read the book titles with ease, but also serve as a way to show off the shelves.

Turn the seemingly unused space next to your stairwell into useful storage with built in bookshelves. Use shelves that originated at the height of the highest shelf installed along the highest point on the stairs, move down to a short bookcase at the foot of the stairs. The varying heights to add visual interest to space.