Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Teenagers

Feng Shui Bed Location for Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small bedroom decorating ideas – Decorating your little bedroom according to faith and practice Feng Shui can make the room feel more spacious and inviting. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art. How to best place furniture and things in your home to let energy flow through your home. So will bring balance and for your life.

Bed placement is one of the most important factors in placing your small bedroom decorating ideas. Your bed should not share a wall with the door. Also a bathroom or placed under a window or mirror, if at all possible. Placing your bed against a wall that shared with a bathroom is drainage and chaotic. As the water there is constant redness and movement. If there is no other wall that you can place your bed against, hang a mirror over your bed to reflect the redness and drain back into the bathroom.

If the bed is for a single person looking for love, the same rules apply. For a child or teenager, it is ok to place the bed against the wall to allow for more space. Do not place the bed directly in front of the door. But at the farthest point you can opposite the door. You should have a clear view of the door and the whole room from your bed small bedroom decorating ideas, called the King’s position.