Large Framed Mirrors Ideas

Large framed mirrors – When you decorate, large framed mirrors offer you more than just a place to check your make-up before heading to work. Their reflective qualities make a space look larger, and improve the overall quality of light in the room. When you are looking for ideas on how to use mirrors in your home, use these elements to guide your decorating decisions.

Wall of Mirrors

Many homes have a wall gallery of pictures. If you like the look of a gallery, but want to create a slight variation on these theme decorations, hang framed mirrors instead. Use a large framed mirror as the centerpiece for the gallery. Look for a mirror you’ll find eye-catching and matching decorating style of the room in which you create the gallery.

A large round mirror will break up the visual monotony grouping. Hang a grouping of three or four images on one side of the mirror to put together an asymmetrical display. Positioning two small mirrors of the same design on each side of the mirror, you can create a more symmetrical display.

For example, if you want to light a corner of the room, place a high floor lamp in the corner. Place a large framed mirror in front of room. Decorating area by placing arrangements of dried flowers or groupings of ceramic; this will add color and keep the mirror from sliding down.